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Client Liaison Manager

Audrey Whiting is the Client Liaison Manager for Hoh Law Corporation’s expat community services, and the author of this website’s articles. She is a graduate from the University of Versailles in France and she has a Master’s Degree in Literature from the University of Sheffield in the UK. Her dual French and British nationality gives her the multicultural knowledge necessary to connect with the expat community of Singapore. She can also converse in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Audrey specializes in assisting expatriates in Singapore along their legal journey at Hoh Law Corporation, by providing them with a personalized care corresponding to their individual needs and expectations. She understands the concerns and apprehensions of the expat community regarding divorces and other legal matters, and is focused on helping those seeking our services find closure in their ordeal. Her experience with international clients is paired with her dedication to create the best customer experience for you and your family.

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